About Us

Crescent Women’s Medical Group, Inc. is a women’s health practice that combines medical and holistic care to help you achieve total wellness in body and mind. It was officially established on August 1, 1989. The founding physicians’ goal was to establish a premier women’s health care group in southwest Ohio through being committed to quality care, service, education and teamwork.

Currently, the practice consists of Dr. Chandra Gravely, who joined in February 1997, and Dr. Cindy Hansel, who joined shortly thereafter in July 1997.

In order to serve a diverse set of women’s health needs, the corporation employed its first midwife, Rhonda Whitten, in May 1997 to complete our current group.

Dr. Gravely and Dr. Hansel have made it a priority to treat not only a woman’s sexual health but also her overall well-being. In a day and age when medical care has become a sensitive topic, and female health concerns are on the rise, Drs. Gravely and Hansel recognize the need to evaluate and consider the true meaning of one’s health and complete wellness. And with this comes the knowledge that these ideals do not always equate to conventional medical practice.

Through a thorough consultation process, we come to know you not only as a patient but as a person, allowing us to build a strong doctor-patient partnership that focuses on a comprehensive care plan. Using a variety of medical and holistic approaches, our doctors have a more natural and sensible understanding of women’s health needs.

What are some of the differences between the conventional approach to gynecology and the holistic approach?

Holistic gynecology combines the latest diagnostic technology available in the field of conventional medicine with a range of complementary and alternative treatments the average primary physician is only now beginning to learn about.

The conventional approach to gynecology involves diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, whereas the holistic approach emphasizes the balance of a healthy body, mind, and spirit in helping to prevent disease. The holistic approach looks to uncover any underlying causes of illness and utilizes natural therapies to treat it. This alternative approach can lead to faster, more complete healing that requires less medical intervention.

Many women are curious about incorporating natural, alternative ways of healing into their lives. Usually, natural methods are preferred. Often times, those who wish to lead a more organic lifestyle feel they are consciously or unconsciously belittled by conventional physicians who do not support or agree with their interest in this way of living and being. Many women prefer to seek care from female gynecologists and this is quite understandable. Who better to know what you are going through, in regards to female issues, than another woman? As female gynecologists, Drs. Gravely and Hansel are able to better understand your situation and needs from a like-minded perspective.

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