Tubal Ligation in Cincinnati, OH

Many adult women want to be free of the possibility of future pregnancy once they have met their family-planning goals. Board-certified gynecologists (OB-GYN) Drs. Chandra Gravely and Cindy Hansel at Crescent Women’s Medical Group offer excellence in gynecological care and sterilization procedures, such as tubal ligation for women in Cincinnati, Blue Ash and the surrounding communities of Ohio.

What is a Tubal Ligation?

Tubal ligation, often referred to as “getting your tubes tied,” is a surgical sterilization procedure performed on women. This surgery closes the fallopian tubes and prevents the ovum from traveling from the ovary to the uterus while also preventing sperm from reaching the fallopian tube to fertilize an egg.

What is Essure® Tubal Ligation?

Essure® tubal ligation is a non-surgical alternative to surgical tubal ligation that seals off the fallopian tubes to prevent the possibility of an egg traveling from the ovaries to the uterus. By blocking the fallopian tubes, where fertilization usually occurs, sperm is prevented from reaching the egg to fertilize it. The procedure is done by using two small metal springs (micro-inserts) inserted into the fallopian tubes, causing scar tissue to form in the tubes and permanently blocking them off. The procedure is performed as an outpatient treatment without general anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes. Patients should be aware that this procedure is NOT reversible.

How Essure® Works

With Essure® there is no scalpel or incision. Instead, two spring-like coils, called micro-inserts, are inserted through the body’s natural pathways (vagina, cervix, and uterus) into the fallopian tubes. During the three months following the procedure, the body and micro-inserts together form a barrier of scar tissue in the fallopian tubes. This blockage prevents the ovum from passing from the ovaries into the uterus, and sperm from reaching the ovum; hence fertilization is prevented.

The Essure® Procedure takes about five minutes to perform. You will be given medication to take one to two hours before the procedure to keep the fallopian tubes open and reduce any possible cramping. During the procedure:

  • The physician will insert a narrow telescope-like instrument called a hysteroscope through the vagina and cervix, into the uterus. The hysteroscope is attached to a video camera that transmits images to a monitor, allowing the doctor to see inside the uterus.
  • Fluid (called normal saline or saltwater) flows through the hysteroscope and into the uterus, expanding the uterus to allow the physician to clearly see the openings of the fallopian tubes.
  • The spring-like micro-inserts are inserted into each fallopian tube via a small, flexible tube (delivery catheter) that is passed through the hysteroscope.

Benefits of Essure®

  • Surgery-free – The Essure® inserts require no incision or surgery, and are inserted in the fallopian tubes through the natural pathways of the vagina and cervix.
  • Most effective – Essure® is proven to be the most effective form of permanent birth control currently available, based on five years of clinical research.
  • Simple outpatient procedure – Since no surgery or anesthesia are required, the Essure® procedure may be performed safely and comfortably in our office.
  • Hormone-free – The Essure® inserts do not contain any hormones. Hence, they will not affect your monthly cycle nor incur the side effects or risks that often accompany hormone-based temporary methods of birth control, such as oral contraceptives, the shot, the ring and some IUDs.
  • No downtime – The Essure® procedure is simple and painless and most women return to their normal activities within a day.
  • Covered by insurance – The Essure® procedure is covered by most insurance providers, and if it is performed in our office, you may be required to pay only a small co-payment, depending on your insurance plan.
  • Trusted and proven safe – Since 2002, more than half a million women have trusted Essure® as their permanent birth control method. Essure® inserts are manufactured from the same materials that have been proven safe for use in heart stents for many years.
  • Quick and simple procedure – The Essure® procedure is quick and simple, usually taking less than 10 minutes, and most women are safely and comfortably sent home after about 45 minutes.
  • No Anesthesia– The Essure® procedure requires no general anesthesia. Although some doctors may offer local anesthesia, this is not required. Feel free to discuss all of your options with our specialists.
  • Custom fit – The soft, tiny inserts are specially designed to glide easily into the fallopian tubes and remain securely in place while remaining visible to the physician while she confirms proper placement.
  • Confidence and effectiveness – The Essure® Confirmation Test verifies that the inserts are properly placed and that the fallopian tubes are effectively blocked, leaving no margin for error.

Is Essure® right for me?

Once your family planning goals have been fulfilled and you’re ready to consider permanent birth control, you may choose to have the Essure® procedure to prevent future unplanned pregnancy. Essure® offers permanent ease and efficacy without the dangers or side effects of hormones or the hassle of temporary birth control methods.

Essure® may be right for you if you:

  • Are sure you do not want any more children.
  • Are ready to prevent pregnancy forever.
  • Want the most effective permanent birth control currently available (based on five years of clinical research).
  • Want to eliminate the hassle of your temporary birth control method.
  • Want to avoid hormone-based birth control.
  • Want to avoid surgery, scarring, silicone or risks associated with other permanent birth control procedures.
  • Want to avoid the risks of general anesthesia.
  • Want more spontaneity and confidence in your sexual relationship.
  • Want to know that you’re permanently protected from unplanned pregnancy.

You should delay your decision if you:

  • May want to consider having children in the future.
  • Are pregnant or suspect that you might be currently pregnant.
  • Have been pregnant during the past six weeks.
  • Have an active or recent pelvic infection.

Many women want guidance with the possibility of permanent birth control methods. Crescent Women’s Medical Group provides permanent birth control methods, such as traditional tubal ligation and the new Essure® procedure for residents of Cincinnati, Blue Ash, and the surrounding communities of Ohio in the privacy of our office. Contact us today if you are in need of STD testing.