Women’s Health in Cincinnati, OH

The mission of Crescent Women’s Medical Group is to provide specialized women’s health services to teenagers and women in the Cincinnati and Blue Ash areas of Ohio. Under the leadership of our two board-certified gynecologists, Dr. Chandra Gravely and Dr. Cindy Hansel, we provide teenage girls and women with the services they need during puberty and throughout every stage of life.

At Crescent Women’s Medical Group, every member of our staff has expertise in the support and management of women’s health. As a leading women’s health facility, our primary purpose is to provide teenage girls and women of all ages with the expertise, professional guidance and exceptional care that they deserve.

Our women’s health services focus on treating and diagnosing the most common issues that affect women physically and emotionally. When you rely on Crescent Women’s Medical Group for your women’s health services, you benefit from receiving the utmost clinical care as well as the understanding and compassion you need in order to take care of yourself and your family.

Women’s Health Conditions and Issues

Women face a multitude of changes over their lifetimes, and in many cases, general practitioners do not have the insight and experience to appropriately address a woman’s concerns. Dr. Gravely and Dr. Hansel are board-certified gynecologists, so they have listened to many women discuss their personal experiences and challenges. They have developed a range of services that support women’s health in the areas of:

  • General health
  • Breast health
  • Hormone support for pregnancy, menopause, and other life stages
  • Family planning
  • Bladder health

Women’s Health Services

As board-certified gynecologists, Dr. Gravely and Dr. Hansel understand how certain life stages and challenges affect the emotional and physical well-being of their patients. As such, they are able to provide a more comprehensive treatment approach than family physicians and specialists who use a more limited clinical approach to women’s health. Because they are directly involved in all aspects of your health, they are able to consider many facets of your health when recommending treatments.

When you choose Crescent Women’s Medical Group, you have access to wellness, diagnostic and treatment services for:

Women’s Health Exams

Women’s health exams may involve a variety of diagnostic services and procedures. Your primary care services are similar to what you receive from your family physician, but with a greater level of openness and awareness to a woman’s unique needs. Our other women’s health services are provided based on your age, personal goals and effects of pregnancy and aging.

Why Should I Choose Crescent Women’s Medical Group for My Women’s Health Services?

One of the greatest issues in the medical community is understanding how life stages and health issues affect women physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, women are often misdiagnosed or dismissed when they speak to a general practitioner. Treatment is often limited to standardized protocols that are used for both genders.

Our founding physicians, Dr. Gravely and Dr. Hansel, are board-certified gynecologists, and their experience in OB/GYN gives them a beneficial and holistic perspective about women’s health.

What Are the Benefits of Women’s Health Services at Crescent Women’s Medical Group?

At Crescent Women’s Medical Group, our approach to patient care is centered on your emotional well-being and physical health. We offer primary and specialty care in one location, so your physician has an in-depth and accurate understanding of your health, conditions and personal goals that lead to optimum care and excellent outcomes.

Am I a Candidate for Women’s Health Services?

Our women’s health services are recommended for every woman in the Cincinnati and Blue Ash areas. Teenage girls should start receiving women’s health services when they are 13 years old, although some girls may benefit from seeing a gynecologist sooner, such as when a girl begins menstruation or is sexually active before 13 years of age.

Crescent Women’s Medical Group specializes in breast health, primary care, bladder health, family planning, sexual health, hormone therapy and other women’s health services. If you would like to learn more about our practice and the many benefits of receiving your primary care and specialty care from one of our board-certified gynecologists, contact us to schedule a private consultation.